Vaastu is essentially an art of correct settings of Residential and Commercial Buildings and Plots too, whereby one can place himself in such a manner so as to absorb maximum benefits of the 5 Elements and their energy field. Scientific use of Elements create perfect balanced environment that Ensures Enhanced Health, Wealth and Prosperity.


 How to consult : On Home page Click to Ask a Question and fill the form  with your Birth details, Mobile Number and email id. Give your Address in the message box for which you need to get the Vaastu Designed & Submit to know the exact charges by Phone.



Charges : The minimum Visiting charges for Local visit (Delhi) of a Residince Site per Floor will be Rs. 11000/-  and for Commercial Site per Floor will be Rs.31000/- 

Charges will vary for Outstation Consultancy. and 2D Autocad Drawings.

 For making 2D Autocad drawings :- 

 Per Floor : Rs. 15/- Per Square Feet for Residential Site

 Per Floor : Rs. 25/- Per Square Feet for Commercial Site.

 Per Floor : Rs. 35/- Per Square Feet for Factory Site.

Outstation stay per day will cost extra of Rs. 31000/-  and the Owners will have to take care of Other charges like Stay, Travel etc. for 2 Persons. 


What ever the charges will be finalised, Additional GST will be applicable on Total Amount.