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YES, MAGNETIC word is used here because your Date of Birth has a Significance With your Destination and is not Just an Accident. Like Numbers can be Endless, the Knowledge of Numbers is Endless too. But we can to an extent predict about any Individual co relating to his Birth Numbers as well as Guide them towards more Prosperity.

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YES, AUSPICIOUS Word is used here Because it is Vedic, Astrology is a part of the Rig Vedas that are the words of the Supreme Brahma the Divine Giver of the world. And the Supreme Vishnu protets them. Astrology is Shaivik too, The words of the Supreme Shiva,  These Trinity Divine energies Always Give, Give Hence they are called Divine. All that is Divine is Auspicious.

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YES, ULTIMATE VAASTU WORLD..... word is used here because the realty of Entire WORLD/Cosmos/ or  so called Nature is Made of 5 Elements and Vaastu is based on principles of these Elements. Basically there are 4 Elements [Fire, Earth, Air & Water] in the Infinite Space/Sky but not known why, the Ancient Risis had considered Sky as an Element too. Probably its Ether Energy.

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YES, QUICK  word is used here because Remedies are effective according to the FAITH showen by the Doer of the Remedies,  and for the giver of the Remedies its just a practice to help ,but also having faith on God as the Ultimate Fulfiller. Because Faith is in your Own Possession and as a Doer of the Remedies you your self can Surrender Instantly to get results as quickly as you wish.

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Science Made it's Greatest Efforts to Reach Satellites Near the Moon's Orbit, But Divine Science has Given the Moon It's Space in the Orbit. Its only when Divinity is Kept ahead of Science in fact when Divinity is merged with Science the Ventures will Relish the Desired Results.